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Register for Members have pledged their support to Marie Curie Cancer Care and you can make your clicks count in raising much needed funds as we aim to fund a Registered Nurse and a Healthcare Assistant….but we cannot do this without YOU.Send Every new Member Zone Registration will trigger a donation to the Fund so PLEASE help us to spread the word by simply clicking the button to the right and forwarding it this to someone else. This is simply an email from you and we do not collect this data.

Read on for just some of the reasons why…

Every minute of every day, someone is being cared for by a Marie Curie Nurse or Healthcare Assistant. They make it possible for someone to live their last days at home, rather than go into hospital.

Marie Curie Nurses provide free nursing care to cancer patients (and those with other terminal illnesses) in their own homes. Research shows that almost two-thirds of us would want to be cared for and die at home. It’s all about being in a familiar place, surrounded by the people and things we treasure. Less than one in five people currently achieve that wish.

It doesn’t have to be that way. With the support of Marie Curie Nurses, patients can have the choice at the end of life.

Working in communities across the UK – from remote Scottish islands through villages and towns to our biggest cities – Marie Curie Nurses now care for around half of all cancer patients who die at home but there are still not enough Marie Curie Nurses. The demand is huge, with only one in four of the families who need help being reached.

The aim is to double the number of hours of care provided by Marie Curie Nurses by 2013 and thereby double the number of patients cared for to 35,000.

You can help make this vision a reality. We are hoping, with this campaign to be able to sponsor a Registered Nurse and a Healthcare Assistant as shown below:


Sponsoring a Marie Curie nurse
Funding a Registered Nurse £19,000 per year* for 3 years £57,000
Funding a Healthcare Assistant £13,000 per year* for 3 years £39,000
* includes all travel, communications, training, referral centre and regional support structure costs.

The NHS will contribute an average of 50% of the total cost of each Marie Curie Nurse, helping our donation go further.

SendWe cannot do this without YOU. Every new Member Zone Registration will trigger a donation to the Fund so PLEASE help us to spread the word and make this happen.


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