'Dolly' is in town

Posted Jun 07, 2011

Since 1992, Sarah Jayne Crust has appeared all over the world performing her Dolly Parton tribute act. As diehard Dolly fan Sylvia says, “She really does sound uncannily like Dolly..the giggle, her genuine warmth and personality, the whole package!” and the sight of “Dolly” at Sessions House was certainly an unexpected delight.

Both Sylvia and Sarah Jayne know that authenticity is a must as each strives to reproduce ‘perfection’ whether in Sylvia’s restoration or in Sarah’s act and with the fire uncovering the ‘wig room’ at Sessions House, who better to give it the once over than Dolly?

...'It’s a mighty fine wig room Sylvia has here, my collection would be right at home. Wishing ya’l the best with this great project, love Dolly x x x'

Have a listen and be amazed at www.dollypartontribute.co.uk and book a great evening by calling 07944814920

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