As temperatures fell, my blood boiled....

Posted Feb 18, 2012

As temperatures fell to -8 last week, despite all the precautions and all the insulation, I ended up with a frozen pipe but apart from the inconvenience, the 'cost' of fixing it was just a few hours of my time.

Sadly, this wasn't the  case for everyone with the worst tale we've heard (so far) was an elderly lady being charged £450....and still no real inspection of the pipework carried out.

Don't get caught out...use reputable, vetted tradespeople whether is be from or other reputable sites. We only include regularly vetted people and its nothing new but we DO mystery shop and when we find someone exceptional we let you know.

Make sure too that you know where the stopcock is so that in an emergency you can turn off the water. Equally make sure it works...BEFORE you need to use it! If you need a hand as to the how and where of it all, Bubsy is on hand and can guide you through so check out her trade secrets today at

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