DIY Advice

Posted Feb 13, 2007

Before you start, make sure you have the following;

Wire brush and paint brush / sprayer
Masonary latex primer
Masonary paint for the brickwork

First you must clean the bricked area you want to paint – if it’s a large space you might want to use a power washer, and for those niggly bits use a brush to remove the dust and any flakes of past paint.

Seal any cracks if you want a pristine look, or leave them for a hint of character. If you have any large cracks, you should seal them to stop them spreading and weakening the brick. Apply the exterior latex primer to the brickwork and let it dry. If you’re feeling energetic use your paint brush to apply the masonry paint to the bricks. If you’re feeling sensible, use a sprayer you can find in a hardware shop.

Let the paint dry for a couple of hours in the sun, then apply the second coat. Most new paints won’t need more than two coats for a repainting job.  Remember to be careful when you use your ladder. Then sit back and admire your work!

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