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Posted May 02, 2007

Is it getting warmer and you want a draft? Are you fed up with the dent in the wall from where the door slams? Are you feeling minimalist and in need of open plan living? Whatever the reason, sometimes you need to remove a door and this is the easy way to do it.

First of all, open your door wide. You’ll see the hinges and the heads of the pins that hold the door to the frame. Take the pins out of the way by using a smaller screwdriver to unscrew them. Now the hinge pins are loose there’s a crafty trick to get the hinge itself off. Hold the screwdriver against it and give it a tap. The knock will make it move out of place. Do this for all the hinges on the door.

If you have an extra pair of hands, ask them to grab the edge of the door and pull it gently to free it from the pins and the hinges. If you’re on your own, as long as your door isn’t enormous you should be able to lift it quite easily.

And now you have a clear and open pathway… If you find you want some privacy again, or if it’s getting a little chilly the tip for putting the door back on will follow this one!

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