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Posted May 09, 2007

5. Repair holes made by wood worm with beeswax

Before you can repair the damage made by woodworm, make sure you have eradicated them. If they are widespread in your property, you may have to call a pest control agent. If it is more localised you may be able to head to the local hard ware shop and get some Rentokil fluid for example.

Once you have treated the infestation, cover their tracks! Buy some melted beeswax, which you can get from a good old fashioned hard ware shop. If the colour of the beeswax is much different to your wood, you can add some vegetable dye to match the colour.

Melt some of the wax on your stove and gently add some dye until you believe the colour matches. Allow the mixture to cool and break out the tin/dish you used to continue.

Warm the beeswax by using a kitchen implement like a spoon that you’ve heated gently. Use this spoon to press the beeswax into the holes made by the little creatures. Smooth it down and apply polish to the wood.

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