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Posted May 16, 2007

6. Cleaning your bike chain

Bike chains are held together by a spring clip that holds the two ends of the chain together. Use pliers to prise the “lid” of this link off. You can use your fingers to pull the rest of the link out and then pull the whole of the chain from the bike, end to end. Keep hold of this spring link for later.

Make a bowl of paraffin (you can buy this from your local DIY shop). Soak the chain in this for 12 hours. This loosens the grip of the dirt and any muck that has been clogging your chain. You can use a brush to rub these bits off.

Hang up the chain and use an old rag to rub the paraffin off. To refit the chain, replace it to the bike exactly as you removed it – remember to use the spring clip you kept from earlier. Enjoy your newly cleaned chain and smooth cycling!

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