Energy Saving Hints

Posted May 06, 2006

Every home loses vast amounts of energy daily, but with a few simple improvements you can save yourself some money, and help the environment at the same time.
  • Lots of European appliances carry an energy efficiency rating - choose a grade 'A' appliance for maximum savings, especially on energy hungry appliances like Fridge Freezers.
  • Most of a houses heat is lost through the roof, and then the windows. Insulate your loft and windows and it can cost 25% less to heat your house.
  • Insulate your boiler if it isn't already - you can reduce the amount of energy spent on hot water by 75%! Alternatively replace your old boiler with a modern energy efficient one for even greater savings.
  • Consider energy efficient bulbs - advances in technology mean that you can light your house for 1/4 the electricity. As an added bonus, although they cost more, they also last a lot longer, so you make a saving on replacement bulbs!

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