In memory of a pioneering woman...

Posted May 16, 2012

I attended the funeral yesterday of Nora Priestley, a petite little old lady with the heart of a lion! As an active director of her companies to the end she epitomised the 'right' way of doing business in her caring and generous approach to everyone she encountered and her tireless charity work which benefited many. Her maxim was to do something good for someone else every day but if you told anyone, it didnt count!

Whilst her property empire was and is common knowledge, it is easy to miss her entrepreneurial talent and indeed how much she did to pave the way for women in business today. Having bought her first property at a time when women basically were not allowed to do so was a feat in itself. Following her marriage, she went on to build up a property business in which she was always actively involved. Again, something women simply didn't do back then and so for many years she broke the mould and for that, I for one, am truly grateful

I learned much from her and even in very recent years found myself up a ladder examining roof tiles under her guidance which still makes me smile.

So, thank you Nora ...

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