Is property leaving you cash strapped?

Posted Feb 18, 2012

Whether it's the day to day maintenance of your home,  funding your buy-to-let or even funding your development it seems many of us are up against it right now. I'm no exception as the crunch bites so we thought we would take a look at some of the income generating ideas out there and pass them on. Lets face it, nobody wants to lose their property.

First we called in the experts as we wanted tried & tested (as well as  legal and honest!) ideas. This was harder than we thought but then we found the Magpies....the Money Magpies that is and we have learnt some of the strangest things but some brilliant ideas too. Sooooo each week Jasmine Birtles and the Money Magpies team will be telling us all about their tip of the week (and lots more) with a simple link from here so keep an eye out won't you?

Ill also be trying my hand at day trading and will be letting you into the results and my head(!!) as this unfolds - much the same way as youve seen with the projects (uh oh<lol>)

Meanwhile, let me know what you're doing and if it works (and you agree) we can pass it on!

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