Knowledge to Action - scam or opportunity?

Posted Jun 14, 2012

As you know, my blogging activity is now all here in one place and I cannot believe how many people are asking me about Knowledge to Action since my initial blogs saying what I was planning to do!

For those of you who missed it, I’m adding in a video diary of my experience, much as I do with my projects. No script, no fancy stuff just me in front of the camera telling you how it was and how it feels for me and you can make your own mind up whether this is a great opportunity to make a few bob or a scam that does little more than part you from your hard earned cash.

This came about because, like me and many of my Members were finding that with property as it is right now, we’re feeling a bit cash strapped. This led to me looking into some of the income generating ideas out there. Some great ideas from Jasmine Birtles and the Money Magpies and a few, like this one that found me but in the case of this one, despite being told by many it was a bad idea, I couldn’t resist.

So here goes…

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