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Posted Aug 13, 2013

Initially published as an e-book and reaching number 2 in its genre as an Amazon bestseller, Zero To A MI££ION means you can:

  • Learn how to start a business from zero
  • Avoid costly mistakes that I made
  • Discover the golden rules of success

After more than twenty years of setting up and running successful businesses, what I talk about here is what I do...because it works. More importantly, it is working for others too....

“Zero To A  MI££ION is the book I wish I had when I first decided to start my business a few years ago. Sylvia actually takes you through the whole process - from pre-business registration considerations to sales and marketing - in a wonderfully conversational tone and with incredibly practical tips gained from her personal experience. I think this is a must-read for aspiring entrepreneurs.”
- Mildred Talabi, Award-winning entrepreneur and Founder of CV Makeover Expert (

"As a champion of self-employment, which is the modern anti-dote to
unemployment, I urge anyone looking to amplify their start-up brand, and
their chances of success, to READ THIS BOOK."

- Jeannette Pritchard, Founder & Director: JPCreative, Ugli & Brand Amplifier (

“Learning from my own mistakes is inevitable but can be minimised by
reading practical and inspirational business books like this one. In many cases there is no need to reinvent the wheel.”

- Lara Milanova, Hamster buggy bags (

“Zero To A MI££ION delivers key messages for every aspiring woman, whether employed or starting your own venture"
Sarah Garrett, Founder Opportunities 4 Women (

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