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Posted May 22, 2006

Q: I've bought a tumble dryer & want to knock a hole in the wall in the garage to vent the steam outside, instead of hanging the hose out of the window. How do I do this. thanks, Maggie.

A: A lot depends on the construction of the garage - ideally you want to avoid drilling a hole through brick or concrete. Some garages have wood walls under the roof section and you can easily cut through this and run a flexible vent up the wall from your dryer.

If you have to make a hole through stone, measure carefully and drill a single pilot hole from the outside of the garage, and doublecheck the hole appears where you want it to on both sides of the wall. Once you've done this, draw the outline of the vent on the outside wall (drilling outside will minimise the dust created, but you should still wear a dust mask), and drill holes through the wall along this line using a large drill bit. Then use a hammer and chisel to remove the rest of the brick or concrete. Once this is done you can fit appropriate plastic tubing and vents as required.

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