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Posted May 30, 2006

Q: I wish to re-tile my bathroom.How do I remove the tiles without damage to the plasterboard. - Dot

A: Unfortunately the simple answer is 'You don't' - tiling grout adheres incredibly well to plasterboard, and it is almost impossible to remove without damaging it to some extent. The easiest method is probably to tile over your existing tiles if you have the space and assuming they are in good enough nick - just clean them up and if they are highly polished tiles, give them a quick sand to make a good surface for the grout.

If that's not possible for whatever reason, I would recommend removing the tiles, then removing damaged areas of the plasterboard (just score the plasterboard around the damaged area with a craft knife and it should come off relatively easily). You can then replace with new plasterboard of the same depth by nailing it to the wooden battens the old plasterboard was affixed to.

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