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Posted Jun 24, 2006

Q: I live in rented accommodation and am currently 'tarting up' the kitchen on a very tight budget. The lino on the floor has been well and truly stuck down - are there any paint products on the market I could use to paint the lino, if not what would be my cheapest method of re-flooring ? - Alison

A: A flexible 'rubbery' paint might work (lino moves a lot and most paints will crack and break up very quickly), but I don't think you'll be able to find anything hard-wearing enough. The generally accepted method is to just glue more lino over the top of the existing stuff - thoroughly clean and scrub the existing lino, and if necessary sand off any glossy finish with a quick once-over with sandpaper, patch any holes in the old stuff by patching them with lino cut from a hidden area (under the fridge or cupboards). Make sure it's very dry, then just glue more lino over the top.

Other top tips for sprucing up a tired kitchen include;

  • painting old tiles with tile paint (can make a huge difference).
  • Replacing retro handles with simple modern ones (You can even take them with you when you leave if you don't do any drilling).
  • A splash of paint on the ceiling (which often yellows with cooking grime).
  • Cleaning light fittings (more grime)
  • Whip out any fluorescent lights and grab some cheap kitchen halogens or similar - softer light that you can direct allows you to choose how the room is lit and direct attention away from real problem areas.

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