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Posted Nov 13, 2006

Q: Need advice on putting up a kitchen wall cupboard. To outside wall with plasterboard Lining.. No cupboards have been fitted there before. - Tony

A: The key to putting up a potentially very heavy cupboard on and plasterboard wall is to get the correct fittings, or locate the wooden battens behind the wall and fix it to that. Locating battens generally isnt a viable option since you'll want to place the cupboard where it looks good, not where there are good places to fix it. I've always found Easy-Driver style fixings to be best for this - they are metal or nylon cones with a large spiral thread, they go into plasterboard very easily and are capable of holding a lot of weight.

Just use these to securely fix whichever brackets came with the cupboard (make sure the brackets are aligned - most are adjustable, but best to have them level before). Get the cupboard onto the brackets and use a spirit level to check everything is level, tweak it as required.

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