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Posted Dec 15, 2006

Q: My brother put down square carpet tiles in the kitchen many years ago but he used a glue to fix each tile and now we need to replace the floor it is very difficult to remove the old tiles. Can you advise on the easiest method to lift these glued tiles ready to refloor our kitchen? - Chantale

A: I don't envy you this one - it's an utter nightmare. Use a scraper (wallpaper removers work quite well), a hammer and brute force to remove the actual tiles. Unfortunately this still leaves behind a lot of glue. There is no one easy way to remove the glue, but I've had success using a adhesive remover (like paint stripper and just as unpleasant and smelly to work with), and a razor bladed scraper. Some glues will also come off easier if you use a hairdryer to heat them up, just don't use this in conjunction with a flammable adhesive remover please :)

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