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Posted Feb 19, 2007

Q: will a normal mitre board be ok to cut skirting boards, i have been reading diy websites for help as i have never replaced skirting before , some say mitre board and fil gaps with wood filler or decorator caulk, others talk of scribing , coping etc, ive not got a clue what all that means, i just want to know how to cut the inner and outer corners at an angle, i thought the mitre board would be the easiest option, thanks, Ruby

A : Having just done this myself, I can safely say that a mitre board, saw, hammer and nails are fine. You'll need flexible decorators caulk for filling the gap, and wood filler for any knot holes in your wood and for any corners you mess up a bit. You'll also need to be very accurate with your measuring - even a tiny bit out on your cutting and your skirting wont sit properly against the wall.

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