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Posted May 31, 2007

Q: Hello, I am wanting to put in a new conservatory, I have had some very high quotes. I have heard of a new concept where slabs are used underneath the Conservatory. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you Anne.

A: You can, in theory, build a light conservatory on a flat base (steel or concrete) without digging foundations, these are generally used where getting digging machinery is not possible, or where digging is hard, and not as a cost saving measure.

If you're looking for a solidly built and largeish conservatory, foundations are still a good idea, and it's always best to get the opinion of a surveyor before making this kind of decision, since the ground where you are planning to build might not be too solid.

I would recommend haggling with the construction companies - often they will build in a huge profit margin, and there is a lot of space to negotiate. Let all the parties involved know you have several quotes and see what they are able to offer. You might also get lower quotes if you contact general builders instead of specialist conservatory companies.

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