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Posted Sep 09, 2007

Q: Hi there, Ihave taken out an old gas fire and want to block of the fireplace with a piece of plasterboard and then skim it, do I need to put a vent in the plasteboard to stop damp? Lydsey.

A: It's not generally considered to be necessary, but if the masonry in the chimney does have a tendency to get damp already, then you can always drill a hole through the hearth and into the subfloor. This will have the effect of allowing the chimney to draw air from under your floors instead of causing a breeze in front of the fireplace. Before you skim it the board, have a light seal in place for a few days to make sure you don't get any irritating whistles or other noises.

If you regularly get moisture in your chimney you may also want to look into waterproofing the chimney masonry, capping the chimney or checking for small leaks.

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