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Posted Apr 09, 2008

Q: Hi, I am about to tile my bathroom and would like to know. When tiling behind the bath do you put the tiles behind the bath or sit them on top of the bath? Many thanks David.

A: Sit the tiles on top, this will mean that if the sealant does break at some time in the future, the water is still on top of the bath instead of running down the walls. There are a couple of other things that will help;

  • Make sure the bath is completely level (most are adjustable)
  • Make sure the bath wont move - in some cases you may have to fix the bath securely to the wall, or screw your floors down to stop boards moving.
  • Put up the tiles and grout leaving a 2cm gap between the tiles and the rim of the bath. Just before you apply silicone sealant you should fill the bath with water. Leave the water in for 24 hours after applying sealant. This is because filling a bath always causes some downwards movement.

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