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Posted Dec 03, 2005

Carpets have a tough life and if your'e planning those festive celebrations your carpet is wincing already! Don't worry, you don't need to be a party pooper and insist on everyone taking their shoes off-just learn how to deal with the most common tricky stains. We will be featuring 3 each week from now until Crimbo so be prepared!!

1. Alcoholic Spirits. Grab the kitchen roll and mop up then sponge it with warm water (resisting the urge to scrub!) and allow it to dry. Demand the spiller gets you a drink to calm your nerves then forget it until the party is over! Methylated spirits should then shift any remaining stains

2. Milk. Thiswill stink so hurry up on this one! Blot dry then rinse with warm water and allow to dry again.

3. Ball-Point Pen. Another one to act on quickly but if you dab with meths on a cotton wool bud you should be ok!

FOLLOW special instructions from carpets makers and a good rule is if in doubt-dont! It's handy to keep off-cuts to test but also an offcut rubbed into a stained area while damp can also restore colour!



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