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Posted Dec 17, 2005

Carpets have a tough life and if your\'e planning those festive celebrations your carpet is wincing already! Don\'t worry, you don\'t need to be a party pooper and insist on everyone taking their shoes off-just learn how to deal with the most common tricky stains. We will be featuring 3 each week from now until Crimbo so be prepared!!

1. Fat/Grease. Mop and scrape up then apply dry-cleaning solvent or, for heavy deposits (like you just dropped the turkey!) try the iron and blotting paper technique.

2. Eye Make-Up. Rushing to the party and the carpet has more coverage than you?? Don't worry...just moisten then treat with a drop of detergent on a cotton bud. Make sure you throw that cotton bud away right now as your'e having a bad day and picking up the wrong one could hurt!! Finally rinse and let dry.

3. Paint. Why do we try to get that last minute DIY done before the in-laws arrive? Sure way to get paint on the carpet but no need to panic just mop emulsion with cold water (working from the edges inwards) and sponge up gloss with white spirit.

\FOLLOW special instructions from carpets makers and a good rule is if in doubt-dont! It\'s handy to keep off-cuts to test but also an offcut rubbed into a stained area while damp can also restore colour!

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