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Posted Dec 24, 2005

Carpets have a tough life and if your'e planning those festive celebrations your carpet is wincing already! Don't worry, you don't need to be a party pooper and insist on everyone taking their shoes off-just learn how to deal with the most common tricky stains. We will be featuring 3 each week from now until Crimbo so be prepared!!

1. Wine. A handy one for Chritmas Eve!! Blot dry, no not you...the carpet! Now rub with soada water and allow to dry again and suddenly your carpet is restored! For older stains, use meths. 

2. Mud. OK, youre up to your eyes in Chrimbo preparation and your little darlings trail mud through the house but dont worry...or try to fix it now! Let it dry and brush off as much as possible. If its still visible, rinse thoroughly with cold water and allow to dry again

3. Chewing Gum. Freeze the gum with blocks of ice placed in a freezer bag. Resist the urge to put this in the culprits drink...you might have the wrong person! Once the gum is frozen, break it up and brush it up by hand. This isn't to be a martyr...just that it can clog up the vacuum cleaner!

 FOLLOW special instructions from carpets makers and a good rule is if in doubt-dont! It's handy to keep off-cuts to test but also an offcut rubbed into a stained area while damp can also restore colour!

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