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Posted Dec 31, 2005

Carpets have a tough life and if your\'e planning those New Year celebrations your carpet is wincing already! Don\'t worry, you can party the night away without a care in the world - just learn how to deal with the most common tricky stains. Here\'s our final three in this series to get the New Year off to a good start!

1. Nail Varnish. Being glam AND a domestic goddess can be such hard work! If time was short and the carpet is wearing more of the nail varnish than you, help is at hand. Moisten a cotton wool pad with non-oily varnish remover and dab at the affected area. Test on a hidden spot first t check the result. Any remaining traces should shift with a drop of meths.

2. Ketchup. If the relief of finally finishing the turkey proved all too much and you celebrated with good old fish n chips, chances are the carpet caught the ketchup from that great little childproof bottle you bought! No problem, just dab up as much as possible with paper towels then spray on a dollop of shaving foam (see it was a useful pressie after all!) and wipe away with a cloth.

3. Jam. A jam doughnut with loads of jam was a surprise, right? Well, get that off the carpet simply by wiping with a cloth rung out in warm water but do spoon up any deposit you can first!

 FOLLOW special instructions from carpets makers and a good rule is if in doubt-dont! It's handy to keep off-cuts to test but also an offcut rubbed into a stained area while damp can also restore colour!

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