Quick Tip of the Week!

Posted Jan 21, 2006

For the next few weeks we're highlighting some or the more unusual uses of the household items we all have stashed away as well as some eco friendly uses for all that rubbish!

1. Vase Preserver. Love flowers but hate cleaning slimey vases? Keep the vase clean from slime and stagnant water by adding a few drops of bleach to the water-it wont harm the flowers!

2. Mud Scraper. Great for outside the back door, a doormat that will scrape off even the stubbornest of mud can be made from your dustbin! Just glue or nail the smooth side of bottle caps to a piece of ply in several rows and hey presto, an instant mud scraper!

3. Bellows. Thouroughly clean and dry a squeezable washing up liquid or ketchup bottle (with a hole in the spout) and you have instant bellows to encourage a slow fire!

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