Quick Tip of the Week!

Posted Jan 28, 2006

For the next few weeks we're highlighting some or the more unusual uses of the household items we all have stashed away as well as some eco friendly uses for all that rubbish!

1. De-mister. To prevent your bathroom mirror misting up during cold weather just spread a little shaving cream over it and then wipe the mirror clean with a tissue.

2. Rust Preventer. Place several pieces of chalk in your toolbox; they will collect moisture and help prevent rust!

3. Mole and rabbit repellent. Theres no reason to kill such garden visitors, if you can share your garden, even better but if they must go, simply set some bottles in the ground leaving about half an inch of the neck exposed. As the wind whistles across the top of them the moles will be scared off. Alternatively half fill the bottles with water or sand and place them around the garden for the same effect

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