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Posted Oct 09, 2006

Which should use to trim your garden, an electric or petrol chainsaw?

For a small garden, with only small bushes or hedges, you should probably opt for an electric chainsaw to do your pre-winter pruning.  Electric chainsaws are lighter and easier to handle, although they need to be close to a power source.

For other uses, particularly if your garden has a lot of hardwoods, you should choose a petrol chainsaw.  And the longer the blade, the harder the wood it will handle.  Remember though, it is important to make sure that the weight and size is easy for you to handle.

Safety first: chainsaws should NEVER be operated without taking appropriate care.  Wear safety gloves and glasses, make sure you have a clear escape route, and, if you have an electric chainsaw, make sure you have a Residual Current Device to protect you if the cable is cut.

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