Quick Tip of the Week

Posted May 22, 2006

  • When drilling through tiles and other hard surfaces, there is always a risk of the drill bit slipping and causing some unnecessary damage; just put some masking or sticky tape onto the surface, and you'll find your drill bit stays put far more easily.
  • Tape an old envelope or coffee filter under the area you are drilling to catch falling dust, and save yourself some cleaning up later on
  • To drill to an exact depth each time, you can either wrap a length of coloured electrical tape around your drill bit at the relevant point, or drill through an old cork so only the correct amount of drill bit is visible.
  • If you're drilling multiple holes through hard materials like tiles or concrete, you can keep a cup of water around to cool your drill bits down - remember if a drill bit gets too hot it can break.
  • Drilling through concrete is tricky with a standard drill bit and a battery powered drill. A mains-powered hammer drill using the masonry drill bit will do the job in 1/3rd the time.

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