Why Self Build?

Posted Feb 11, 2006

The thought of turning an idea, brick by brick into your own home, in a location of your choice can be hugely exciting. It can also be very stressful! Either way (and for me its a combination of both!) self-build can also be extremely cost effective.

The combined cost of land purchase, building materials and labour will generally be less than buying an equivalent pre-built property as you do not have to pay the premium that makes up the developers profit. However, seek advice and be cautious as often land is at a premium and owners can be greedy too so be careful not to end up with a home far too costly than the norm in the area...unless you are happy not to recover your costs as this is to be your long term home etc.

Recent research suggests that self-build can be worth as much as 30% more than the land and build costs the moment they are put onto the open market.

If you'd rather watch one in action first, head to the video updates and follow our latest project and see how it works out...warts 'n all!!



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