Taking Shape

This phase of the project should (hopefully!) be the greatest fun as the laborious preparation work is now complete.

There is still much to be done but the effect of our labours can now be seen in terms of 'something has changed'!

As the rough layout of the rooms is created and doors and windows move it feels as thought the grand plan is finally falling into place. Join me as we push the project forward and see what you think....

Getting There!
With the initial works now completed, the project starts to take shape. This is partly because entrances and exits are now clearly defined. As doors and windows move, it's time to start looking at the insulation...

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For those of you just joining us, a major problem was space and as you can see in 'Making Space' we hoped to create a bathroom in mid air! Well, the outline for that bathroom is now there and by stealing a little more space, we also have a super kitchen/diner. This weekends challenge is when to put the door...

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Looking Through The Door
Individual areas are starting to feel more and more like rooms although taking a quick look it seems that not a lot has changed! Thankfully it has as doorways are put in place and a lot of plasterwork completed. The fireplaces are almost done and patience is needed as we play a waiting game for various things to dry...

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Windows & Weather
Stop this rain...please!!! All the old windows are out and we are trying to get the new ones fitted but the weather is relentless so it could be a long wait! I have kept the style of the original building whilst using double glazing to minimise traffic noise...and on-going maintenance. Now all we need to do is get them in....

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At Last!
Whilst the rooms were being developed, so were the common areas and whilst each area differs, the fundamental works are now complete. I can finally see it all coming together...the double glazing is in, rooms exist and things really are beginning to take shape. Despite the horrors of the last few weeks, things really are taking shape. Come and join me and see what you think....

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What have we bought?
...take a look around the property and what we're hoping to do with it.

The Initial Stages
...join us as we build the basic layout...

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