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This beautiful home was disastrously gutted by fire/water damage in 2006. Sylvia hopes to restore this pile of charred timber to the grand old lady she once was…but it has not been without its challenges.

This massive project provided the ‘inspiration’ in a recent episode of Britains Empty Homes in which the presenter, Jules Hudson recognises this is ‘not for the faint hearted!’

He adds ' .. the thing I like about this one is that its not a renovation that’s just aimed at making extra space or indeed just trying to make a few quid. This one is driven by a relentless passion to see this building return to the state it was once in and I have to say that although Sylvia is about to start the rebuild, clearly along the way there will be many doubts and troubles and tribulations, if anybody can see this off and finish it, she can.

Britains Empty Homes Photo courtesy of BBC

'You know I learn something new from every single renovation I look at. Ive been particularly inspired by Sylvia. Certainly in that case fortune really will favour the brave ... '

The Story So Far…

  • 1st August 2006 - Fire destroyed this beautiful heritage property
  • Spring/Summer 2007 – Sylvia contacted by an agent on behalf of the devastated owners. After a number of meetings, Sylvia agreed to buy the property and set about campaigning to keep Sessions House listed
  • August 2007 – Sylvia began the legal processes but despite timescales agreed with agent/owners etc, things did not go to plan
  • January 2008 – The hard work paid off and English Heritage confirmed the decision by the Secretary of State to keep the building listed
  • July 2008 – Sylvia finally owns Sessions House
  • August 2008 – Sylvia met with Chichester Council/English Heritage to start discussions

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