The Initial Stages

...As the main works begin, it is clear that there is still an awful lot to do before this space even faintly resembles flats. Join me in this, the second series of videos as we build the basic layout and get closer -or not- to what we hope to achieve...

Creating Rooms
...As walls are taken down and the basic framework is established, the real work begins. It's already hard to remember how it was but theres plenty of rubble to climb over as evidence of what has gone! Come on in and take a look...

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Making Space
The emphasis has been on making comfortable rooms hence the bathroom wont fit....yet! The unused space over the stairs is just what I need...

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Preparing Rooms
As the works continue, there's a lot of 'behind the scenes' preparation going on that is not immediately obvious. Come with me now and take a look at what has been going on since we last met...

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Walls Going Up!!
The initial works are forging ahead as the construction of the framework, or perhaps more accurately, the rooms continue...

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Stressed to the max!
A number of essentials have been completed in the background such as the safety lighting, re-wiring, removal of old systems and various new pipework going in. This has, without doubt, been the hardest couple of weeks so far as every 'room' is at a different stage. Whilst I'm tearing my hair out in one room, turn the corner and it's a different story...thankfully!!!

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What have we bought?
...take a look around the property and what we're hoping to do with it.

Taking Shape windows and doors are moving and walls...

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